Incredimail import Error Can Not Find Path

Hello, Getting this error when attempting to import Incredimail contacts. It also happens when tying individual folders. The path appears to be good as I can view it manually and IM is still updating that path.
Could anyone help? Thank you in advance

@Viscount See the below EM Client link from for info how to import contacts from Incredimail.

How do I import my contacts from Incredimail to eM Client - Initial setup - eM Client


Jun '19

Two options:

  1. Export the contacts from your email application, then import them into eM Client using Menu > File > Import. eM Client can support vcf or csv formats.
  2. If your contacts are already synced with an online provider like GMail, then adding the same account in eM Client will sync those contacts.
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Hello, thank you very much for the reply, I am looking to import all the messages. Contacts are done all ok.
I have just dug deeper and I noticed the last subfolder of that string “messages” is not present!
1 Can I manually tell which folder to Import?
2. How is IM even working without that message folder :slight_smile:

@Viscount If you are wanting to import Incredimail messages, i would look at maybe converting your exiting messages to eg: .eml or .mbox format which will then import ok into EM Client 8.x

Is there any export message options in Incredimail ? Some of the older email clients even exported into Thunderbird format which will also import into EM Client 8.x

Yes. Go to Menu > File > Import > IncrediMail

Then choose to import selected folders.

Choose which folder you want to import.

Then select where to import the messages to. My advice is to initially create a new folder for the imported messages. You can always move them later to other folders when you are happy with the import.


Hello Gary,
thank you for the instructions, all of which make sense, The Issue I am having is my IM is missing the “Messages” folder see attached.

But IM is currently working without it which makes no sense! Is there any way to change that import path?
or could you suggest a solution to this missing messages folder? Perhaps I should deeply cyberzork’s solution and purchase a 3 party importer to make a .eml file. this just means I gotta spend a little more cash though :slight_smile:

Hello, cyberzork Thank you for the reply. The only export option in IM to .eml seems to contacts :frowning: The data settings export option is only for a new IM install. It looks like I will have to pay for a third party client to make the .eml file. Which is not a major issue. The obstacle is finding one that really works and imports all the folder trees. currently looking at Bitrecover Recovery tools IncrediMail migratory.

IncrediMail is incredibly difficult to export messages from. You can select each message and choose Save As, and that will give you an eml file that other applications can use. But it is incredibly time consuming to do each one individually like that.

Yes, you could purchase a third-party app to do it for you if the eM Client import is not working.

Another option might be to just sync your IncrediMail messages with a server. If you add a Gmail account for example, you can move the messages you want to keep to those folders in IncrediMail and they will be synced with the server. If you then setup the same Gmail account in eM Client, you will have access to those same messages that way.

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@Viscount Here is a GitHub Reynardware IncrediMail to .EML convertor that has (been re-written / adapted) to work with Incredimail 2.5’s databases that may help you.

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What happens if you create a new folder in IncrediMail, then move the messages to that folder, then do the selective import back in eM Client and select just the new folder you created in IncrediMail?

Bonjour Gary,
J’ai déjà posé mon problème, de même nature que le titre de la rubrique, mais n’ayant pas eu de solution je le repose avant de quitter eM Client qui me paraissait pourtant bien.
J’ai réussi, facilement à importer Incredimail sur mon PC avec eM Client : formidable !
Le problème est que ça ne marche pas sur le PC de ma femme : eM Client ne trouve pas le bon chemin (user, app datas, identity etc…) alors qu’il l’a trouvé immédiatement sur le mien. Il tombe sur l’adresse email de ma femme suivi de “local folder”. Et ce dossier est vide. Est-il possible d’indiquer manuellement le chemin à eM Client ?
Merci d’avance