Incredimail former email account

Continuing the discussion from Greetings!:I came from incredimail and setup started ok but now a box appeared stating Server says " Authentication failed"
requesting user name and password neither of which I can remember,for either of my two accounts.

I hope someone can help.

Hi, You will have to check the help pages for each of the mail services/systems in question and follow their procedures to reset your passwords and also double check their connection type and ports etc. to make sure you are using the correct settings.

no-one here will be able to help you with that :slight_smile:

To check that it is not emClient that is causing the problem you would be well advised to go to each providers “webmail” page and try to login with your password. If you can’t remember it then the only option is to get it reset as described above sadly.

Hope that helps and… I don’t work for emClient and can help no further :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice given

I would also give the advice to disable Mail Shields in antivirus programs like AVG or Avast. They interfere with the server communications required for the program to work and often cause those authentication issues

Hi , thank you but I only use Kaspersky

Yes, Kaspersky has been known to cause the same issue.

You need to disable the Mail antivirus scan in Kaspersky. You can see similar instructions for how to do that here at the link (Web antivirus settings are found in the same place as Mail antivirus settings)

The word “Incredimail” and the phrase “Disable your Antivirus” in the same paragraph fills me with dread for you.

I come from a security background. Email is one of the main vectors for malware to enter your system. Any company that tells you to disable email scanning - because their product is not working with it enabled is - in my humble opinion, being incredibly irresponsible.

What they should be telling you to do is stop using their email product until the issue is fixed. They (emClient) should also be working with the main Antivirus providers during their beta testing to make sure that every common combination of antivirus is fully tested and signed off as working before they release the product on the wider public. There are a lot more people using AVG, Avast and Kaspersky (and Bitdefender) than people using emClient. An email program is not critical - a fully functional Antivirus is.

Hi Paul,
Incredimail is no longer active more’s the pity, and as there are problems with emClient I have discontinued using it and will enventually Microsoft Mail instead. Unfortunately my main provider email is Virgin Mail and they are having problems with the system which means I cannot set up Microsoft Mail until I get a call back from Virgin. Oh the joys of the internet.

Thank you for your help

Thank you. I have decided not to use cm Client but to use Microsoft mail

Incredimail is no longer in business because they sold a genuinely awful piece of junk software that they called an email client. They made customers pay for the privelige of transferring their mail to other systems when they realised and infected all their emails with spam, advertising and junk animated images and logo’s that 99.9% of the recipients found purile and annoying.


Hope- I use Windows Defender. This red triangle issue has only started recently even though I have not changed anything. It only shows up on my default email and when I click on the red triangle it goes away. Any idea what causes this and a possible fix? Thanks RH