Increasing Viewing Size

Longtime, happy, eM Client user here :) 

I’ve just upgraded to a large screen with a resolution of 2560x1440 and a lot of apps now look a lot smaller. It would be great if there was the ability to increase the size of the view overall but appreciate there are not many programs out there that allow for that. Failing that, I appreciate you can increase the viewing size of a sent or received email via “Ctrl +” but it only remains in effect until the session is exited. Is there the ability to have the result of “Ctrl +” remain for future sessions - like in Chrome for example?

Try this 
For mail       Menu   Tools Settings   Mail  Read

Make note of what they are set to    first  so you can go back to what was there
then try making the font larger  
     Preferred font for messages 
I use Roman New times  14pt  but my screen resolution is not as high as yours

Also Menu Tools Settings Appearance List   
  again note what was there first
then try making font larger
  I changed      Items list group      to also roman new times  14 pt

I like this roman new times you may not

Thanks Richard - this is exactly what I was after. 14 pt works great for me too.

The only thing I didn’t achieve is the same view when composing an email. I appreciate you can increase the font here too but it affects not just the view that you compose in (which is my goal) but the size of the font the recipient gets.