Increase font size or Zoom display

Font so small it’s hard to read. How do I Zoom display content as I can on any Browser??

On a Windows PC, select your email, click anywhere in the message body, then use CTRL+ to zoom in (or CTRL- to zoom out). Then any message you read afterwards will have the same level of zooming.

You can also righ click (inside your message body) and select Zoom (at the bottom) to increase the font, to decrease it or to return to the original.

Yes I know that - but I want to increase the font size of the tool bar at top and the mail box list and message header list on the left. The font is almost too small to read. CTRL++, etc does not affect those items. I’m talking about a magnifier or Zoom mechanism that increases or decrease the font size as exists, for example, in my Firefox browser.

There is apparently no way to change the font size of the tool bar at top. If I change the font size for the menus in all applications in the Windows settings, it won’t change the font size of the eM Client tool bar. It seems to be hard coded in eM Client. I opened a support ticket on this a while ago, but it did not help.

You can change the font, and its size, of the folder and item lists here: Menu > Settings > Appearance > Lists > Fonts.

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Doesn’t work for me - I go to Menu but there is no Settings tab


Menu/ Settings/ Appearance/ Lists/ …

You’ll be able to change font sizes there.