Incorrectly formatted html message - displays OK in Thunderbird

Periodically I get an email message in HTML format that displays incorrectly (the HTML doesn’t render) however it display fine in Thunderbird. The message appears like this

Can you advise if this is a known problem and if it will be addressed in eMClient v6?


there can be some non standard html coding in that email.

can you send me that message exported into .eml (right click - save as…) and added as attachment to [email protected] together with this topic’s URL?


I’m having a similar problem, I think. Some HTML messages (only a few) do not finish rendering. I can view source and it is all there, but they just don’t display. This includes messages from Zillow and DirecTV. Here’s an example:

Hi, please follow my previous answer.


I have the same issue HTML looks good in outook but not for emclient
My pc  info is:

Win 7sp1 64 bit
emclient 6.0
IE 11

So far, this is the only example of bad html email  result