Incorrect time in calendar (not adjusting for daylight saving?)

The time is wrong on my calendar. It doesn’t seem to be reflecting daylight saving time so is out by one hour. The google calendar that it synchs with is correct. How do I adjust for this? I’m running eM Client 6.

Hi, do you live on southern hemisphere? If so then newest patch should help you with your issue.
If you are living on northern hemisphere do you use Gmail by any chance?


Hi Jan. Yes I am in the Southern Hemisphere. New patch seems to have solved the problem. Thanks.


Thank you for this information.



Looks like I have a similar issue.

I’m in the southern hemisphere (Melbourne, Australia).

Meetings sent to me today (now in GMT+10, DST has ennded) look fine in Gmail/Outlook but sync incorrectly into eM.

Any patch for this curently available?


Hi, what version of eM Client are you currently using and what mail/calendar service are you using?

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I’m using eM Client 6.0.19681.0 and syncing this with GMail (Google apps with a work address, not

There was an update after I opened the client this morning, this seems to have fixed the issue.

Hi, I was just about to sent you the latest release, glad to hear it fixed the issue.
If you have any more issues or questions let us know.

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