Incorrect Notification of Secondary Folders

I just recently started using eM Client for my Main GMail Account; (I am testing eM Version 7).  By means of GMail Filters I have a huge number of emails going to Secondary Folders (i.e.: UNimportant email)–while all Truly Important email lands in my “Inbox”.  My problem is that eM is Bombarding me with notifications for all my UNimportant Folders.  I want to be notified ONLY of email in GMail Folder “INBOX” {which was done correctly by my Previous Client—which was Very Inferior to eM Client}.

To put my Problem briefly:  Can eM’s Notifications Occur ONLY for Folder “Inbox”—& NOT for Folder (e.g.) “Not Important”.

Thank you very much for your assistance!


Hello Chuck,
unfortunately with the improved handling of the Gmail labels in version 7 the notifications are now active for all mail, while in older version and other mail still only notifies about the Inbox messages.
This is at the moment considered as a feature, but I will add a feature request to our list to see if we can make this optional.


Thank you, Olivia, for your reply.
Yes, for many people, including myself, the ability of the user to select which Folders notify of new mail is not a mere “feature request”;  For me, its present absence is a fatal flaw.