Incorrect email address causes send loop

I’ve mistyped an email address and sent it.

I keep getting a notification/popup from eM Client that it can’t send it (yes I know that!)
However, I can’t find the email to delete it.
It’s not in Drafts or Outbox.

Anyone any ideas please?

Right-click on Smart Folders, then choose Outbox. You will find the message in the Smart Folders Outbox.

Well well!
Who knew!
Thank you so much!

Why would it be there and not in the respective account ‘Outbox’?

eM Client actually uses the Local Folders Outbox to store messages as they are being uploaded to your email provider. This is normal practice for desktop email clients.

You can enable Local Folders in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders, but enabling the Smart Folder option is probably quicker, and then you don’t have to disable the Local Folders again if you don’t want to see them. :slight_smile: