Inconsistent behaviour for Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Delete

A semi-standard pair of Windows keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl+Backspace (delete previous word) and Ctrl+Delete (delete next word). eM Client supports this in some fields, but not in others, so the behaviour is confusing and inconsistent.

I think eM Client should support these shortcuts in all text fields to improve user productivity and provide a consistent experience.

Some locations where the shortcuts don’t work are:

  1. New/edit task window

  2. New/edit event window

  3. New/edit contact window

  4. Find window

Some locations where the shortcuts do work are:

  1. New/edit e-mail window

  2. Search text box

The locations where these shortcuts do not work use standard Windows fields and we cannot fix it.

Would you consider replacing them so that this functionality works? It works in Outlook 2007.

We will consider it.