Inconsistent Behavior with Built-In Spam Filter Rule Deleted

I have 2 installations of eM Client. One with a Pro license and one with a free license. On the machine running the pro license I wanted to disable the built-in spam filter, so I deleted the built in spam filtering rule and then stopped receiving anything in the spam folder (the desired result - I use my own rules instead to prevent false positives). I did the same thing on the machine running the free license, and to my surprise the spam folder keeps getting populated with recently received emails anyway. I wouldn’t expect this to be a side effect of that client running the free license, but maybe that’s the cause ? Could anyone help me shed light on this inconsistent behavior ? BTW I’ve been a software developer for nearly 40 years, and find this a bit baffling. Thanks in advance.

The Spam filter Rule looks for messages already marked as spam by your server, but not moved to the spam folder, and then it moves them.

If you have the Spam filter Rule disabled on both, you should have the same result, except if you have a different Blacklist or other Rule on the second device that is setup move messages to spam.

The license that is activated has no effect on Rules.

Thanks for your help Gary. There is no blacklist on either machine. To get the rules onto the free licensed machine I exported from the pro license machine and imported them to the free license machine (rules only), and then manually compared them and verified that the export/import worked properly. I’m running the same version on both (latest). On the pro machine I have 5 email accounts, and only 1 account on the free machine (the account that all of the rules were made for). Going through all of the settings I noticed that on the pro machine that account is configured as POP3, and on the free one that account is configured as IMAP (which would give the developers a good clue as to where to look for the bug). So, I’m going to delete the account on the free machine, and re-enter it as POP3 and see if that fixes the issue. Either way I’ll create a bug report on the support thread, but I’m hoping it fixes it for the sake of making it an easier task to fix for the developers if they have the time. I’ll let you know how it goes, and thanks again for your help !

Well, they work very differently. POP3 is only getting new messages from the Inbox, while IMAP is syncing with the server, so it is also pulling the spam folder from the server, which POP3 isn’t.

Noted - but with the spam filter rule deleted on eM Client, why would they appear for IMAP ?

Probably because they are already in the spam folder on the server.

With IMAP you see the spam folder from the server, with POP3 you don’t.

But with the spam filter deleted the client should ignore server set spam score indicators like “Organization-SCL” and clearly it is not doing that. In order to place them in the spam folder (on the client) these type of indicators are being honored rather than ignored.

The messages may already be in the spam folder on the server, so that is why you see them in the device using IMAP. But when you use POP3 you don’t see the spam folder from the server because POP3 doesn’t display the server folders.

Just disable all Rules in eM Client, then there is no way messages can be moved by eM Client. If that resolves the issue, then you can go through each Rule and make sure that none of them are responsible.

I neglected to mention that after changing the free license machine to pop3 (deleting the account and then re-entering it) the spam folder disappeared and is replaced by a junk folder which has received nothing in hours, so I’m good. During that time the server continues to add spam header tags and shows the usual ton of messages in it’s web view spam folder. The rules were created in order to delete the spam messages that the 25 year old email account receives, and they are working now. In this way I never have to look in the spam or junk folder because it’s guaranteed to be empty. By choosing various tags from the header in my rules, nothing can get past except for completely new sources (which happens occasionally and I just edit one of the rules to accommodate). Note that the pop3 pro machine used to receive all of the server’s emails marked spam before adding those rules.

It sounds like you don’t consider it a bug that the eM Client blindly copies the spam folder from the IMAP server even though the client’s Spam rule has been deleted. I disagree. Anyhow, thanks again for working on my topic with me.

Yes, because POP3 does not show you the spam/Junk folder from the server.