Incomplete rendering of contact details window

When creating a new contact or editing an existing contact the content of this window is incomplete. When closing this window and repeate opening, the window will be shown complete.

The incomplete window is in the upper side completely rendered, in the middle there is the right and the left edge not rendered and I can see some content of the window behind. On the lower side the buttons “Safe” and “Cancel” are not shown. When I move the mouse over the area where I expect the buttons, then the buttons appear. The folder (bottom left) is not shown. When I pick the complete window and move it, the desktop under the upper part of the window is redrawn as it should, the lower part leaves several peaces where I can see the former movement of the window. When releasing the mouse button some of the described appearances disapear so the screenshot show not all I described.

I can not tell how long this behavior happens, sooner it was not.
Current version is 7.0.30068.0 at Windows 10 1703

Try upgrading to the latest version (7.0.30242) by going here:  The version you are using was problematic and eventually pulled by eM Client.  Maybe this will fix your video problem.  Also, have you tried rebooting?

Thx for your fast answer.
I made the upgrade - no changes. Also a reeboot didn’t help.
When opening the window the second time, the rendering will always be complete.

Ok, well my next suggestion would be to upgrade to version 7.1 at  It has some nice new features and requires no license upgrade.

That being said, looks like a conflict with video drivers.  Have you updated them lately?

To investigate the dependency of the failure on the video driver, I have reactivated the last installed driver again. After a reboot the error was still visible. Then I installed version 7.1.

The rendering is now OK again. Thank you for your help.