Incoming Mail Text Size

For someone with impaired vision, can text size of incoming mail be set at say 16? If so, how?

The text size in HTML messages is determined by the sender and is specified in the message code. It tries to ensure that the message will always appear as the sender intended.

But what you can do is zoom into the message. That will increase the text size, and re-wrap the lines. The setting will remain across restarts of the application, so no need to do it every time you start eM Client.

To do that, you scroll the mouse wheel over the message while holding the Ctrl button on your keyboard. You can do it manually as well using Ctrl + or Ctrl -. Use Ctrl 0 to reset to the default size.

Thanks for that - I had the same problem. Think it must be a result of upgrading to the most recent version but problem solved now.

While the size of the text in HTML may be specified by the sender, EMClient selectively enforces it depending on the window/view.  For example, if I have my emclient main window NOT maximized to suck up the entire screen (maybe 70% of that size) then the font in the right-hand “preview” window is scaled/tiny.

Double-click on that email to open the individual item and it’s scaled 100% properly.

This recently happened after an update, so I’m inclined to believe the the post by Michael.

I’ve not yet found a workaround short of:

  1. having the main window take up 100% of my screen (no minimizing of any kind)
  2. double-clicking the individual email to open in a new window to read the font
  3. doing the “zoom” trick

Maybe in the preview pane in the main window it is zoomed out. Click somewhere in that frame on the message body and then use Ctrl 0 to reset it.