Incoming mail rules to local folder

How can I set mail rules “from person” to move all incoming email to a sub-folder in Local Folders?
Although I created a rule, incoming email is not moved to the specified folder. Incoming email is just stored in an account folder.
The following is one example of the rule I created.

After message has been received
from [‘amazon’]
move to [Amazon]
and stop processing other rules

Is anything wrong with this rule?

eM client Pro
Version: 8.1.1054

Can you give a screen-shot of the Rule.

I think this from [‘amazon’] is not correct. It should be an email address.

Something like:


The easiest way to create the Rule is to open the message from Amazon, then right-click on the sender’s name/address and choose Create Rule From.

Once the Rule is created and saved, it will apply to all new unread messages from that sender.

Hi Gary,
Should I enter full email address to specify sender? Amazon has many accounts for each service. So, I would like to specify a sender as concise as possible, for instance, Doesn’t email rule work well in such way?

Here is my email rule. Please check it.

Yes, you need to enter an email address.

If you want the domain, use this Rule:


When you enter the words in the header, do it like this:


Incoming mails are able to be sorted as I expected. Thanks!!

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