Incoming emails bouncing

Many, but not all, incoming emails are bouncing. Instead I receive an email telling me who it was from and that it has happened because my quota is full. I have emptied trash and junk folders and reduced inbox to a few, but it is still happening randomly. Also receiving an error message from time to time saying “IMAP(NO) Message creation failed; destination folder or mailbox is full.” Help please!

This is something you will need to discuss with your email provider. Maybe they can increase the size of your Inbox.

Otherwise, you will need to login to their webmail interface and clean out your Inbox.

I’ve already emptied everything on webmail. Thanks for advice I will get back onto Telstra. Sigh!

Your trash folder may also be counted towards your storage limit. Did you empty that?

Telstra normally only has a 10GB mailbox limit. They do have in their mailbox an (auto forward and don’t store) option where you could then eg: forward to say a web based Gmail or Outlook similiar name account where you can then pay for more space for email etc.

I know a few Telstra peeps who have done that

And eM Client has an Automatic Archiving feature to solve this issue as well.

Messages over a certain age will automatically be moved from the server to your computer, thus freeing up space with your email provider, but still immediately accessible within the eM Client application.

Thanks Gary and cyberzork,
Telstra have explained to me that all the folders set up in eM Client under my email address, are still on the web and are using up my 10GB storage, so I have in fact reached the limit of my quota. That makes sense in view of what has been happening. They say I should be setting up my storage folders in eM Client under the section ‘Local Folders’. When I transfer them out of the inbox into the local folder that should remove them from my Telstra web storage. Yet to be tested!

New question:
If I do that are they then in eM Client web storage, or are they in my own computer.
If they are in eM client is there a fixed quota?

Automatic archiving sounds like it could be the way to go. I can see the archive icon on the ribbon at the top, but it opens up an ‘archive’ folder under my email address, not in the ‘local folders’ section.

There is no eM Client web storage. The local folders are on your computer. If you use them, you can enable periodic backup of your local eM Client profile to avoid data loss. (Menu > Settings > Backup).

This button moves selected messages to the archive folder within your account on the server, while the automatic backup moves messages to your local archive folder.

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@anteater When i had that issue, I used to just manually create folders in local folders identical to my online account folders at the top, and then drag / move emails down to the matching local folders in eM Client at the bottom. I generally just keep the last 6-12 months of emails in my online account and filed everything else in my local folders. Then just manually back eM Client via Menu / Backup.

As @Gary & @eisbaer says though the Auto Periodic Backup & Auto Archive features are simpler.

Thank you all for your assistance. I am now understand the problem and am transferring stored emails into local folders and will backup. All good! :grinning: