Incoming emails are fine but outgoing are stuck in outbox

The emails that I am attempting to send are stuck in my outbox. I’m receiving emails but can’t send any. Please help. Thank you. Doug.

Do you have any very large file attachments connected to the stuck emails in your outbox ?

If you do what size are they in total. Do they total eg: around 25mb or over as some SMTP servers restrict sending too larger file attachment sizes and just sit in the outbox.

However if no large file attachments are connected to the outbox emails, do you run any optional eg: Antivirus scanning programs, or optional firewall / security programs or VPNs etc other than comes default with your OS ?

If you do try completely disabling any of those to test and close and reopen eM Client and see if the emails stuck then send ok.

Failing that if not any optional programs like the above, how long has this problem been happening ? Has it only just started since you eg: installed a new version of eM Client or has it been like this for a while. Also what version of eM Client do you have and do you have Windows or Mac

I have the same problem. Disabling my VPN worked. Does this mean emclient doesn’t work with some VPN’s or is this a bug that is being addressed?

Disabling my VPN worked

Unfortunately most VPNs tend to block email clients including eM Client. It’s not a fault of eM Client, just the way VPNs work.

To get them to work with mail clients, you sometimes have to allow certain ports in the VPN as well as allowing the mail client in your VPN. So contact your VPN support for help.

Ps If still won’t work, then you just gotta try other VPNs or disable them when using email.

As mentioned by cyberzork, vpn’s can block email clients.
Some have ‘split tunneling’ in the vpn settings which allows you to choose some apps to be bypassed from the vpn - worth checking if yours does.

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Thanks for the information. I use “Private Internet Access” and it does have split tunneling so I have set it up for emclient to bypass the VPN.