Incoming email tries to access web page.

Running eMClient version 7.2.36465.0.  With eMClient running in the background, spam email attempts to contact suspicious URL (blocked by Bitdefender).  I am not actively viewing these messages.  The spam email is not part of my whitelist and has triggered Bitdefender multiple times with different spam messages.

My eMClient setting is: Block unsafe content except when from whitelisted senders.
What does the RSS Widget do?  It’s enabled.

Why does EMClient allow incoming email to access an embedded URL?

This problem is similar to the unresolved topic: “Why does viewing email trigger scripts? (espcially in spam folder)”. 

I can send you the offending email.

Maybe your anti-virus application is detecting the link in the message, but if you have the setting selected to block unsafe content except from white-listed senders, eM Client will not follow the link unless the address is in your white-list.

The RSS Widget is basically a web page for the feed displayed within eM Client. By default only the feed for the eM Client blog is there, but it is not enabled. You need to enable it yourself, or add another feed for anything to be displayed.

Please give a link for this “unresolved topic” you mention. 

topic: “Why does viewing email trigger scripts? (espcially in spam folder)”

How is that unresolved?