incoming email is empty

This week all the emails from a sender are empty, when I login to gmail the email is there with all its content. If I check it with Thunderbird its there also, so its eM client that is striping the content out. All was working well tell this week, now every email from one sender is blank. The sender is in my contacts. The emails are image based, it is a daily news letter from Wired Magazine.

Hello Dennis,
could you please check your eM Client version number in Help>About section?
Also, could you export one of these emails as EML file (forward as attachment) to with a link to this forum topic so I can check the data and get back to you about it here?


What was the solution?  I’m having the same problem with incoming emails from 2 different senders. If I right-click on the email header and select “view mail source,” the content is there, but in regular view the email is blank. I can see the content when I sign in to my email server directly, and if I forward the email from my server (, the forwarded email’s content shows in em Client. Please advise. Thanks. ~Lori

It’s a serious and yet unaddressed issue. While going through my inbox (IMAP), I se a few and then the content is blank. Nothing I do alleviates the situation. Whatever is going on with Em Client, this is a showstopper for me.

Is there a fix for this yet? I now have 3 senders who’s email content is blank when I open it.

Sometimes emClient V7 is extremly slow to show message content, perhaps you should wait a few days for your mail body to arrive. I think sometimes the embedded “Win32.Trojan.WisdomEyes.16070401.9500.9664” is a bit slow on the uptake.
Sorry, I lost all confidence in this product after running the installer through VirusTotal. While waiting for the mail content to arrive (minimum time 4 sec, whereas Tunderbird and Outlook show message content immedialtely) the computer is working; what is going on?

:frowning: My ‘empty’ emails remain empty, unless I ‘reply’ and the sender replies back to me, then I can see the original content, but links within it don’t work. :frowning:

Hello everyone,
please make sure you have the latest version of eM Client installed -
Then test if the same issue happens when you set your IMAP account to download messages for offline use (Menu>Tools>Accounts, check the IMAP tab for this setting).
If you experience the problem with empty messages even then, please forward them as an EML attachment to
Add a link to this forum thread to the body of the message and also mention which mail account does the issue happen on.
Thank you.