incoming and contacts

I have used email clients for years. Recently I have tried several. I have never had any issues setting up incoming and outgoing as well as importing contacts. You are the last client I am going to try. If I can’t get it I will go with the browser until I find something acceptable. 

My going is set up. my incoming I do not see anywhere to add the information, therefore, I can’t receive email I do not know how to import my contacts, Despite not having a tool bar at the top I can deal without that. I have trouble shooted for awhile now. I have looked through the FAQ. If I can’t figure this out in a couple of hours. I am deleting this application. I hate that Microsoft has stopped support for their E-mail clients. I have used Thunderbird and since for whatever reason my contacts get imported incorrectly I will not use the Other clients I have tested I have had no issues with importing or setting up the e-mail. I just do not like their looks. I was hoping this one would be different 

Hi José, I am a new eM user, just 24 h, and went through the same situation you describe with Clients, having used Outlook for many years it started with problems some months ago and since then I tried several, including Thunderbird, Microsoft and more.
As I told you yesterday I installed eM and up to now I am quite happy. At the beginning I had problems when I asked to import my account from Outlook (my account is a Corporate Gmail) but later I decided to re-create it from scratch and things went smoothly: mail, contacts, tasks and calendar (this last one is mandatory for me)
You are setting IMAP or POP3 mail?

I found that you can configure everything: incoming and outgoing servers.

Please tell me if I can help you in any way.

My outlook set itself up as Imap. I am not sure of the settings for that so I may have to install outlook again to see. As for pop3 that has worked for me in the past. you say you made an account from scratch. I refuse to do that as I have had this email since 1996
 It has worked with all clients. I have tried. Thunderbird I liked from all the others but the contact import comes in weird on import. Otherwise, I like Thunderbird. My Outlook 2007 started going off line and I could not change it kept reverting back. Microsoft well I don’t have to say if you have used Express. Thank you for your response. 

Maybe I did not explain myself right. I am not saying to make an account from scratch, I meant to configure the account from scratch.
I saw in eM that you have two ways of configuring a new account: Automatic and Manual. When you select Tools/Accounts/+  you can choose between automatic and manual. In the first case you can choose between Outlook, Gmail, etc.
Here I choose Gmail (where my company has our mails) and follow the steps. Nothing else.
There’s another way importing accounts from a previous client (Outlook in my case) and this did not work.Hope this helps.