Include when sending/receiving emails 9.1x latest version


I do not like to get updates on certain emails. Whenever I start EMC it tries to update the email and I need to close several windows before I can continue. It also slows down the startup process. Do I need to make some changes in my settings?

I unchecked “Include…” which makes me believe that it should not try to update any of the above?
The emails do not exist anymore but I like to keep the offline emails, keep then searchable and attachments.

If you don’t want eM Client to automatically receive or send email when the program opens, then you can disable the below option “Synchronize items at startup” via “Menu / Settings / General / Synchronization”. But you cannot just specify to only sync certain emails within an account.

The emails do not exist anymore but I like to keep the offline emails, keep then searchable and attachments.

If you want to keep emails offline, click “Menu / Settings / General” and enable the option “Show Local Folders”. Then at the bottom left in eM Client you will see the local folders appear. You can then drag emails down to the local folders from any of your accounts to keep offline. You can also create any folders you like within the local folders to keep eg: Different account emails offline.

Note:- Remember when you have emails offline in eM Client backup regularly incase something happens to your computer and you need to restore your emails. You can backup either manually via “Menu / Backup”, or automatically via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup”.


If the account is setup as IMAP, you can’t disable syncing the Inbox. That will happen automatically.
So if the server or account doesn’t exist, you will always get an error.

The best option is to move the messages to Local Folders, then remove the old account from eM Client. If Local Folders aren’t visible, you can enable them by selecting Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Local Folders.

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I get this error message:

“Cannot move special folder.”

I was using drag and drop. Is that the way to do it?

Are these folders you are trying to move “Folders you created” or default Account email folders ?

They are Default. I did send a video

They are Default.

Alot of default eg: IMAP, Exchange or iCloud account folders you cannot move due to server folder attributes to protect those folders from user deletion.

What you do in that case is eg: Select all the messages in the Special folder and then drag, copy or move all those selected messages to the same Local folder at the bottom left in eM Client.