Include options to filter unscheduled tasks from agenda panel

Agenda panel is hard to use if there are a lot unscheduled tasks (in GTD language: probably-sometimes-tasks). Each day I always have to close the group “No date“ before I can see the tasks that are (over-)due.

Include options menu to filter unscheduled tasks from agenda panel. See the mockup screen below.

And by the way: A permanent direct search input within the agenda panel would be of great help. An email arrives but the related task is not in the visible part of the agenda panel. Here is where the direct search input comes in.

Today, direct search is shown just the moment after it has been selected from
Agenda > Settings > Search.
As soon as the user clicks elsewhere or empties the input it is hidden again.

Instead, the search input should be permanent (search input should stay as long it is not deselected from agenda settings).

Vice versa the add-a-new-task-input should be user selectable from Agenda > Settings in the same way as the search input.

Another suggestion regarding unscheduled tasks:
Why are those at the beginning of the list?

An unscheduled task is due in eternity.
Thus, unscheduled tasks belong to the end of the list (future), not to the beginning (past)

Any reaction from the dev team?

Hi, thank you very much for your suggestions, sorry the topic remained unanswered.
We’ll consider improving this feature for future releases of eM Client.

Best regards,