INBOX: why is incoming mail not marked as unread

Sometimes new mail is bold-faced, but often it is not. Being always bold-faced until read would be very helpful. What setting is not working? (eM Client 5.0.18661.0)


Do you read those emails anywhere else on Other device or webmail?

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Hi, Jan. No, I don’t. But the Windows 8 on this new computer has Windows Mail, which I don’t use but which I suspect keeps track of my gmail. The reason I think this is because, until I removed its presence on the locked screen, the mail icon would always be there with a count of how many emails I had.

I wonder if should simply remove Windows Mail from my computer. What do you think?

Your question shows an interesting analysis.

If you have setup your account in windows mail also, then it could be caused by it. Try to remove or disable Windows Mail completely and tell me more please.

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I think I have totally removed Windows Live Mail (and, in fact, all of Windows Live Essentials, though I did not want to do that). I also no longer have a Microsoft account. But the problem persists.

I did notice this – at times when I receive several messages and the most recently received is marked as unread, when the next one comes in that is marked as unread and the previous one is marked as read, even though I have not yet looked at any of the incoming.

Jan, one added observation. Some incoming mail goes into the Junk E-mail folder, and there all of it remains marked as unread. It is only in the Inbox that it gets unmarked if another piece comes in after it. (And, by the way, even if that next piece goes into Junk, the previous Inbox piece gets unmarked --i.e., marked as read.)

to be honest this sounds really weird, can you check your Tools - Rules and make sure that you are really not accessing your emails from other device?

If there really will be nothing what can interfere, then please send me your IMAP logs to [email protected].

Tools - settings - Advances, check IMAP under your account, apply and restart eM CLient. Then simulate steps which leads to your issue and send logs… to my address.
then you can turn logging off.

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