Inbox View Settings - Single View

I love eM Client and my only ongoing issue with it is the view settings in the inbox/ folders. I like to have my view displayed in a “Single View” column style, as opposed to the “Compact View” style (see the attached images for reference).

I’ve looked at the options can’t figure out how to set this to a single view. Is there an option for it, or alternative a Theme that would allow it?

For greater clarity, I took the single view screengrab in Outlook, and the compact view is what shows in eM Client.

Bonus follow-up question: if you can set this for the inbox, is there an easy way to set the same view for all folder views?

Thank you in advance for your responses!


Compact View

Single View

I think I know what you want so try this
Move mouse over the heading title on you in box  then right click  select the columns you want by adding or removing items.   once you get it to your wishes  then select the option " apply all to all folders "     also click   show in groups  to sort by date  also you can turnoff conversation mode from the main menu.  it will look like outlook
mail                in middle you will see conversation on or off default is on
This assumes you are on release 7
hope this helps


Hello Tom,

You can choose when to use the compact view and the single-line view in Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Mail -> Read - Message List. There is also the option “Always use single-line layout”.


That’s exactly it. Perfect, thank you very much Maurice.