Inbox still says "inbox full" when someone sends me an email

When someone sends me an email they still get the message “inbox full,” even though it has hardly any in it. Those I don’t want to delete.

Perhaps there is a limit to the number of messages, read and unread, that your mail host allows?

Many Thanks. emclient is still allowing the sent messages to enter my inbox though, whilst still sending back a message of inbox full to the sender.

But eM Client does not have a “limit” as afar as I am aware. Does your email host server have such a “limit”?

Who is your Email Host?

I thought eMclient was my host, sorry.

What is the domain name of your email address (part past the @)?

The domain is

I have never used SKY and am not sure if they do not use Yahoo or Google or some other server. I am sure some of the other volunteers will, with more knowledge of the subject, jump in here at some point in time.

Does sound like your ISP Mailbox quota / size is full. Some ISP’s allow you to still receive mail for a short time even after the quota / size is reached, but eventually will stop receiving altogether and in the meantime the senders get a mailbox full message.

You need to login to your ISP mailbox via webmail and check the Quota Mailbox size and what is in each folder including the trash and spam folders etc. If you cannot see anything wrong with your mailbox folders or size, then contact your ISP technical support.

How do I log into my ISP mailbox via webmail please?

How do I log into my ISP mailbox via webmail please?

You would need to ask your Internet Technical Support wherever your mailbox is hosted.

For Sky, it is Sky - Sign in