Inbox sorting changes

When I receive a daily or weekly email from a specific sender, I would sometimes like to delete or mark all of them at once. Easily, I can do this by changing the sorting to “From” however, as soon as I change that option, the inbox list goes to the beginning of the alphabet. It would be AWESOME if it went to that particular spot in the alphabet… i.e. the spot at which the actively read message is. For example, if I view a message from “Hip2Save” and then change the sorting options, the top message in my window list of messages is the first one received from “Hip2Save” Outlook does it that way and its a feature I use ALL the time.

Not meaning to discount the ability to sort differently, but you can use the sidebar to do the specific thing you are describing. Incoming messages must be turned on in the sidebar… then when you are reading a message from a person, all previous messages from that person (and only that person) , in date order, will be displayed in the sidebar . You can select theones you want and delete, move, etc.

I am just discovering the power of the sidebar… really is a great feature…

Thanks for the sidebar tip. It is not as quick as seeing everything in the sorted inbox but it is a workaround.