Inbox & Sent Emails

I’m finding it a bit confusing when receiving emails back, particularly if there is a lot of emailing back and forth. I actually missed a job allocation because I just did not see it. Is there a way that you can see new messages on top when they arrive and also that they go into the sent folder when you reply? I was replying to emails today and they weren’t going in the sent folder.

I think that what you are seeing is a result of the Conversation mode, which displays all connected emails together even though they do exist in their individual folders. You can change the conversation settings in Menu > View > Conversations. Disable it for the more traditional view.

By default the sort order of the message list is with the newest emails at the top. (In conversation mode, it will be the conversation with the newest sent or received email at the top). But you can change that, or you can also sort them with all unread ones at the top by selecting Sort by: Icon. New unread messages are always in bold, and can also be viewed in the Unread folder, if that is easier for you.

Thank you so much for that.  Where do you find the “Sort by:Icon” thing, please?  I love the program, just trying to get used to it.

At the top of the message list, click on Sorted by Received. That will give you the options.

Thank you very much.