inbox rules - moving mails manually to the inbox folder

Rules work well when new e-mails are loaded from my Google account. But when I move mails to the Inbox folder manually they don’t work at all. 

This has to do with the way Rules work; they only apply to new emails as they are received into the Inbox. Even an unread email that you move to the Inbox will not be noticed by the Rule.

You can run a Rule manually at any time by right-click on the Inbox and choosing Apply rule.

Hi Gary,

thank you so much for your explanation.  But this is totally wrong. There should be no difference how a mail is moved into the inbox folder.  I have restored thousands of mails from the trash of my Google Mail  account and moved them to my inbox folder.  I hoped that these rules work, but nothing happens at all. So I have to move all mails to subfolders manually. It’s a nightmare and it can’t be more stupid.

Best wishes
Ritchie from Germany

I maybe should have said that Rules only apply automatically as new emails arrive.

You don’t have to move them manually. Right-click on the Inbox and choose Apply Rule. Your rule will apply to all emails in that folder, regardless of how they got there.

Yes Gary, now I have found it and started the job. It is new to me the rules have to be started like a Batch job. I remeber how Thunderbird works but em7 is different.

Ah yes, I remember Thunderbird Filters fondly. :slight_smile: