Inbox moved Position

Whilst working in the email, I went away from the computer for no more than five minutes and upon my return I had discovered when I went to look at my inbox I could not find it at first, then finally discovered it was at the bottom of the folders under a folder named more and not under the account name.

If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, in the left column you will have a list of your accounts. You can change the order they are in and this will change where they appear in the sidebar in the main eM Client window. Also, renaming an account in this list will rename it in the main view.

The same thing happened to me, as MikeL explained. Gary Curtin’s response doesn’t address the issue to put the InBox from the More folder back under the main account name. Can someone please help?

Solution: right click the inbox and select “Show” instead of “Show if unread”.
Due to this setting the Inbox folder is displayed only when unread email is in the folder.

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Yes, MikeL’s explanation is confusing. Either the Inbox is under the More folder, which my initial explanation addresses, or it is in the More folder, which your comment addresses.