Inbox missing from IMAP account

I have set up an IMAP account on 2 machines. There is no inbox on either. All the others are there - sent, trash etc. Just no inbox. I have set up 4 other accounts with no problem.Ta. Peter

Who is your email provider Peter?

Sorry I should have said. Based in UK. email is [email protected] is part of the John Lewis Partnership.The imap server is
I have changed the automatic setting which was but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. I wonder if I should delete the account and start again using the proper settings?Thanks for replying so quickly.Peter

You could try that. Remove the account and then add it again, but instead of the Automatic Setup, use Mail > Other.

I have tried to rest account as suggested - exactly same thing - no inox. I have tried to install on 3 machines, Windows 7 & 10. No difference. Bizarre really - all the other folders are there, just no inbox! I will try to contact provider tomorrow to see if they have a solution.Peter