New messages in my inbox are not displayed in the panel to the right. Instead, there are three dots next to Inbox. To view them, I have to do a Repair on the Inbox, and then the subject is displayed. There is also no sound notification when I receive a new message.

The sound issue has been fixed in yesterday’s release.

The three dots indicate there are new messages detected but they have not been synchronized. Typically you might see that on sub-folders. With an Inbox, it might indicate an error. See if you have any errors in Menu > Tools > Operations.

Who is your email provider?

Hi, Gary, and thanks so much for your response.

I checked for errors as you suggested, and there’s nothing there.

My email provider is Spectrum/Charter.

Unfortunately eM Client is not compatible with them, unless you are using POP3. This is because their server waits for eM Client to fetch messages, and eM Client is using the more common system of waiting for the server to send the notification of changes to the Inbox. So both the server and the client just sit their waiting for each other to make the first move. The messages will only sync when you first open the application, or when you do a repair.

The issue with sound notifications was fixed in yesterday’s release, so if you have not already upgraded, you can get it at