Inbox mail marked "Unread" even after "read"

Can some one let me know if this is normal or a setting I can control?
When I open the email completely eM Client marks the email as “read” … However, if I close the client, it reverts that same message back to UNREAD. This happens if I move that email into a folder as well… it remarks the email as “unread” after I close and reopen eM Client.

Is this normal? It seems to effect emails randomly- as some do stay as marked READ- but over the last week or so they’ve ALL been reverting to “Unread” once the client is closed and reopened.

The only setting I know of is the “Read” setting under Menu–> settings… and I think I have that set correctly?

  1. Is there a way to permanently make an email stay marked as READ?
  2. Ideally, I’d love it if the email would mark itself “READ” after clicking on it and reading thru the preview pane vs opening it all the way… But the first issue is getting the email to stay as marked READ.!
    (FYI- using version 8.2.1233)



What happens when you check the FIRST box?


Sorry- I had been playing around with some of those settings trying to make it work- But it is usually checked… I checked it again, tested and the same thing… Even after I Open and read my mail once I close eM Client and reopen the client- its all marked as UNREAD