How can i organise my emails into separate folders when they get sent to me.

When i receive emails how can i create folders with names so that particular senders emails will go straight into those specific folders.

Any response would be extremely appreciated as right now my inbox is not organised and everything i receive just comes into one inbox.

Best Regards

That can be done with Rules , which can move messages based on some criteria to another folder.

Say all messages from this forum go to a specific folder. This is the simplest form of a Rule, and the easiest way to create one is to right-click on the sender’s name in an email you have received.

So, right-click on the sender’s name and choose Create Rule From

In the next window you will see the Rule automatically setup, except for the folder name…

Clicking on move to folder , will open a dialogue window where you can select an existing folder or create a new one.

This Rule will now automatically move all new messages from to your chosen folder.

After the Rule is setup, you can manually apply it to existing emails. Just right-click on your Inbox, and choose Apply Rule.

You can find more information on Rules in the Help File (F1) listed under Features > Email > Rules