Inbox becoming badly out of sync lately... constantly repairing

I do not know what has happened lately. In the past 4 days or so, my IMAP inbox has become badly “de-sync’d” from eM Client, not to mention also my phone. It’s the strangest thing.

Messages in the inbox will show on my phone but not in eM Client. Messages in the inbox will show in eM Client but not on my phone. Messages even show up as (somehow) having different DATES in my phone or my eM Client.

I use the repair function and it makes the eM Client inbox a little better, but still not always true to the server. Any suggestions as to what I should attempt?

Sounds like something possibly going on in the IMAP mailbox causing eM Client and your Phone to not show info correctly both ways.

However if everything looks ok in your webmail via a browser, then suggest to remove your account from eM Client and re-add the account.

Maybe also remove and re-add your acct on your mobile as well to start clean both ways.

Lastly if you have Windows, try also updating to the latest version of eM Client just released recently from the ver history page.

I’m always on the latest version… but indeed, totally nuking the account and re-adding it was what worked. I had to re-create lots of settings and aliases, etc.but I learned some great stuff in the process like the fact that I can apply column formatting across multiple folders!

Not sure why eM Client became convinced that it didn’t “like” some messages on the server and refused to see or acknowledge them, but things appear better now.

Thank you and fingers crossed!

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