inaccurate search results...

i recently got hung up doing a search for the word “lease” in my inbox and expecting it to do a partial match on the word “paylease”. through trial and error, i discovered that i had to use the asterisk to do partial matching.

any sane person would expect, without an asterisk, for “lease” to match “paylease” by default. so my proposition is this:

don’t change the way search works; just add a notification bar (just like you do when items are found in the trash) that hints to you that you’ve just done an exact match search ONLY. then maybe link to a list of search operators for good measure.

this aspect of the search system is not as intuitive as it could be.

Same problem here. Very annoying, I thought I lost some mails, but no, it’s the search behaviour…

same issue here! this needs to be fixed. not user friendly at all

Same problem here: incomplete search results. I have to go to the Gmail web client and search there–no problem. I can go back to em Client I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t bought em Client because this is a huge issue.


Could you please describe it in more detail? Do you have all your folders fully synchronized?

Giving more detail would require specifying exact searches and their results in eM and in the online Gmail web interface. The pattern is clear, however: I search in eM, can’t find anything relevant; I then go to Gmail on the web and get results–in some cases, quite a few of them.

The folders sync question raises other issues. I’ve *tried* to sync my folders, but the results in terms of folder structure are somewhat mystifying. Gmail labels do not appear to translate without change into eM folders, and vice-versa. (As I think has been noted in these forums, the eM folder structure is a bit of a mess, more confusing than helpful.)

Thanks for your attention,

Tom Maddox