in the new 7 updatee ,,when i open an email all i see is three dots,

in the new 7 update ,when i open an email all i see is three dots, when i click on them then the contents show .what college idiot thought this up. I had to do a system restore to get 6 back, will stay on 6 till this is fixed.

This is actually a feature. Since by default v. 7 utilizes conversation mode, the history in one email is redundant, as the viewing pane displays all the emails in the string. If you don’t like conversations mode, you can turn it off by going to menu/tools/settings/mail/read and check “disable conversations”. Then also the three dots disappear.

Maybe the college idiot is not so dumb after all.

So what was the idiots point, when I open I want to see my email not 3 dots. When it first happened and there is no explanation, I was lucky and happened to click on the dots. what a waste of time. Nothing in the settings explain this problem and how to cure it, like you just did.  PS I hope your not the idiot LOL.

Btw, the three dots only affect the history, NOT the current email.  You should never have to click on the dots just to see the current email.  If all you see is the dots, it is no doubt a forwarded email with no additional text.

Additionally, this IS documented in their help system.

Thanks for the Help, maybe I’ll try 7 Again. Although i see a lot of complaints in here about 7.

Thanks again for your help!!!

There are quite a few complaints (as compared to to total user base???, but if you use gmail, as I do, it is flawless (at least for me). Conversation mode is very important to me as well and not available in v6.

You are welcome.