In some email messages text is not wrapping and horizontal scrollbar appears

Here is the example:

Is it a bug?

Do anyone notice this bug?

I don’t think it is a bug. I’ve noticed this phenomenon with every email client going back decades. Hopefully, if I’m wrong someone will correct me. This can occur if a sender has specified a long line wrap, incorrectly set spans in html. used an encoding scheme different from what you are expecting in emClient, and many more reasons. I do not think there is any way to prevent this from occasionally, occurring.

Is this a constant issue, or a 1 in a 100 issue?

This issue appears quite often.
In my opinion if a message layout is set to «html» it’s would be great to apply html-styling for text. And by default text wraps to fit viewport width.


Are you possible pasting text from webpages into the body of the email when you get this issue ?

Does this happen even if you are just manually typing your own emails anytime ?

Also are you using any particular text font when this happens ?