In-line picture problem

Hello Everyone,

Trying to add an inline picture to my email. However when I try to do this through EM client and resize the picture to an appropriate size EM always reduces the quality of the picture (from 3mb to 40kb). Doing this through gmail works fine, the picture appears the size I want it to, but if double clicked or opened on its own it has the original quality.

How do I stop EM from reducing quality when changing size of the in line picture?

Thanks in advance.

You can change the image size by right-click on the image. For default settings go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose > Images. 

That is doing the same thing but in another way. It produces exactly the same outcome as when you right click it and re-size. It reduces the quality unlike when you do it through gmail.

So in Settings, choose Original for Default size, and untick Automatically resize …

Now when you insert an image it is in it’s original size.

If you want to change that, right-click on the image and choose Image > Small/Medium/Large/Custom etc.

Thats akward, I dont have that option! I also checked and I have an up to date version

Yeah, sorry that’s in the beta. But you have the default size option, so just set that to Original.