In contacts, what's "GPS:" and how do I use it?

Title says it all.

I saw the GPS field while setting up a new contact and was wondering if I could use that some how to get the GPS on my phone to work, from my contacts. As it is now, tapping the gps symbol next to the address on my Android never works.

Hi Rock, not completely sure what you were referring to with your android phone features, the GPS fields server to insert the GPS location of your contact, some applications may be able to use the GPS location for navigation to the contact’s location.

However you have to input the location manually in eM Client, or if your mobile device supports it, you can fill in this field using your Maps/GPS features on your phone.

Hope this helps,

I don’t know if my GPS app can use the GPS field. I tried copying coordinates from Google maps to a contact but it still didn’t work. What format should it be in anyway? I guess it would depend on the GPS software. I can’t see any way to add coordinates from the app to the android contacts either.

Maybe I need to use the right GPS app. I want one that can navigate to a contacts address or previously saved coordinates without needing to go online. I guess that’s off topic though. I’ll have to look around.

Hi again, GPS coordinates field supports the standard input for latitude and longitude, in N/S(-)XX.XXXXXX, E/W(-)XX.XXXXXX, use for example this site to get your coordinates…