in Contacts, web and email are not hyperlinked. Why?

How can they be hyperlinked?  If you can’t click on the web address in Contacts, what’s the point?

Hello David, unfortunately this is not currently possible using the latest releases of eM Client, however thank you for pointing this out, it would be a good feature addition to future releases, hope we can improve this in upcoming releases of eM Client.

“thank you for pointing this out”?  Really?  How could this NOT have hyperlinks?  Pathetic.

Maybe the point of (free) eMC is a simplified, lightweight non-bloated, non-overkill email client? If you want all the bells and whistles, you have Outlook.  Been using eMC for years and never felt a need for hyperlinks in contacts. Keep it simple!

That’s not the point.  First, I’ve paid for eMC.  Second, having hyperlinks in contacts is overkill?  Third, make it an option if you want it or not. 

Hello David,
sorry for your inconvenience with this issue, note that the application is being developed for a considerably smaller amount of time than some of our main competitors including Outlook. We’re working on improving the application on a daily basis, but sometimes even obvious things like clicking a link can be occasionally missing as most of the time we try to focus on some of the main features as protocol synchronization, conversation view, or switching to a new application core to allow us implement new feature more quickly and efficiently.

Hope we’ll be able to resolve this soon as well.

Sorry for the inconvenience.