In-complete mail downloaded on eM Client

My official mail server is with Rediffmail (PRO) and I access my mail both on Windows 10 Laptop (using eM Client) and my android phone (using standard mail app pre-loaded by Samsung). 

Whenever I want to reply to any mail on my phone or forward a message to some one with my comments, while the intended recipients receive the complete mail (including the original thread), but at my end, the eM Client downloads only the latest portion of the mail i.e. the text which I had typed. It doen’t download or show the earlier mails (original mail which came to me on which I am replying or forwarding) on my laptop.

This is highly inconvenient for me as I can’t see the complete mail trail.

I have logged in to my rediffmail web-server and I have found that the complete mail (including the original mail) is available in my Sent folder there. But the downloaded mail shows only the latest reply message.

But if I reply or forward any message using my rediff web-mail, while downloading the message later, eM client downloads the full mail. This problem of half message download happens only for messages replied from my phone.

I initially suspected the mail app on my phone, but I have checked and found that the complete message (including the original mail) exists on my mail server and all other addressee have received the complete mail, except me.

I don’t know why is this problem and how can it be resolved.

But unless something is done urgently, I may have to return to MS Outlook, which was my trusted mail client for computer till recently.

Please respond urgently.

what mail protocol is your account set up with? Is it POP/IMAP/Exchange?
Are you running the latest version of eM Client? Check Help>About section and download if your version is lower than 7.0.27804.0.


I am using IMAP.

My emclient is always up to date.

Please suggest remedies.

this sounds as a quiet unusual issue as eM Client should synchronize the same data as on your server.
Could you please export on such message to EML file and send it to
Ideally if you could export one message directly from your server (complete mail) and then the SAME message exported from eM Client (incomplete), so we can check the differences.


I am sending one such email directly from my mail server (mail ID: to you. Here you will see the complete mail.

Additionally I will forward the exported EML file of the same mail also from my personal mail ID

This mail was composed by me on my android mobile.

Please compare both mails and suggest where is the problem.

sorry for the delayed answer, we tried to look for a solution to this issue but it seems that this information is handled by the ActiveSync connection from your mobile to server connection.
The feature that is used in this case is that the forwarded/replied to messages are being handled by the server in case of slow internet on mobile.
While the previous text is then viewed in the message, it hasn’t been actually sent INSIDE the message and eM Client sees it in this format (and adds the bodies of the previous messages to attachments).

We will look into better viewing these messages and hopefully have a fix in future updates.
Since no information is lost this issue has been given a lower priority at this time.
Thank you for understanding.