In Communication History, list each message once, even if that message appears in multiple boxes

Because of the fundamental manner in which Gmail uses Labels instead of actual folders, there’s a very good chance that a message will appear under multiple labels – and therefore, in eM Client, a message with multiple labels will appear in multiple folders.

Much of the time, this is not a problem.


When you look at your Communication History, you’ll see multiple copies of the same email message – each copy living in a different folder (like Inbox, All Mail, and any other Labels you’ve assigned it). This greatly reduces the effectiveness of the Communication History feature.

Here, it would be nice if eM Client showed only one copy of the email message, and for that one copy, listed next to the “Info” icon (the “i” inside a blue circle) all of the folders where that email message resides.

(Perhaps eM Client could internally identify the message and its multiple copies via the hidden Message-ID header.)



This is the main reason which keeps me from switching to eM Client. Since there always are at least two copies of a mail (In Box, All Mail) until it will be archived, this issue is really annoying.

So in my opinion, that is even more important than conversation view.

Hi Andy, Hi Andreas, sorry this topic remained without an answer for such a long time.
Unfortunately the solution you’ve suggested is not possible since the messages have different labels but different ID’s as well, so eM Client can’t really recognize the messages one from another.
I hope we’ll be able to improve this in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

At first, thanks for your answer!

I have to admit that I didn’t try the Deduplicator yet, but is this issue that different from duplicate mails? Otherwise a similar implementation could be used…

Or does assigning a label to mails result in completely different mails (which can’t be recognized by the Deduplicator), although they have same subject, same sender, same timestamp, same recipient and of course same content?

Exactly as I mentioned earlier, the emails are assigned with different ID and different labels, so even the Deduplicator won’t be able to delete the duplicates.
This is unfortunately something that can’t be easily resolved at the moment, the only way how to get rid off the duplicates is to stop using labels and hide the All mail folder from IMAP connections.

Thank you for understanding,