In Agenda Sidebar show Appointment Time First

I love!!! the agenda sidebar and the detail it provides however some of my appointment summaries are too long and thus the time for the event is hidden.  Is it possible to have the start & end time listed first and then the event summary? For me it is more important to know what time my meeting is then what the meeting is.

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Hi, unfortunately there’s no setting that would change this, you can always change the size of the sidebar if your appointment summary is not too long, and also all the appointments in the agenda view are sorted by the time they start. Maybe this would be a good idea for improvement in future releases?

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Thanks for the quick response.  That would be very helpful if we could have the option to customize the agenda.  I am incredibly happy having switched from Outlook to eM but the little things I miss in the agenda are the event times on the left as well as the event location underneath.

We’ll consider improving this in future releases. Thank you for the suggestion.


Would like to revisit this as it seems this hasn’t been implemented yet. I would love to have the start time visible ahead of the schedule if possible.