Improvement Ideas/Requests

1.       Please add ability to do sorting by " Sent" or " To" for all folders (currently only Sent box can be sort by Sent). The problem is that once you move/copy any messages from Sent folder to any custom made folder, they will show you as a sender which is obvious, but there is no way to sort it by the person they were sent to.

2.       Having ability to sort incoming content of boxes by Date , From , To , Subject as a predefined mall buttons on top of the folder would be great. Similar to what Windows explorer has for sorting files by Name, Date modified, Type, Size

3.       Please add “undo” button for composing e-mails.

4.       Shorten the load time. Launching eM client takes 20 sec (at least on my system) that is 10 times longer than launching Windows mail.

You can add the To field to the sort options. Right-click on the column header and choose Columns Configuration.

Click on To and then the Add button.

Now you can sort your list by To:

You can add the undo button to the icons by right-click on one of the other icons and choosing Add Button.

Now you have the undo button in the compose window.

Windows Explorer has the sort by options:

eM Client has sort options:

So not sure what your proposal is for point 2?