Improved the move message option

Imagine when you are trying to move a message in a multiple accounts view, wich every account has a lot of folders … yes, you can use the keyboard to find the first char of one folder, but it’s not efficient in that way … I think could be better if each account has a key (number, letter) assigned, then, when you want to move a message, first use the account’s shortcut, and second use the first letter of the folder … or something like this :slight_smile:

Hello Paco,
thank you for sharing your idea on the forum, where other users can vote for it and our developers can consider it for future improvement.



Similar idea as a last or most recently used (LRU/MRU) context menu for the move to folder Feature, like Thunderbird offers for years already.
Also a long desired feature, pls see my 2 years old posting here and guess what? Never implemented as so many other ideas.

As a conclusion, I wouldn’t hold my breath at all to see improvements any time soon if ever. If someone here talks about “consider for future improvement” you can rest assure it would never come.

Sadly, but true, see my posting above and below.

I’ve many more requests, even really small ones, like this 1 year old request that obviously are too hard to implement so the programmers did not even take this into consideration for over a year now.