Improved "move email to folder"

I find the ability to move/file messages in folders in eM client crippled. Currently, the only way I can figure out how to do this is drag and drop or use the right click context menu. If you have a lot of folders like I do you then have to scroll through a long list of folders to find the folder you are looking for.

Here are a couple of ideas I would like to see in eM client:

  1. Add Move to Folder Button in the toolbar

  2. Add folders emails messages have been recently moved to as a context menu (similar to the what Outlook does).

2a) Ability to define number of recently used folders eM client remembers.

2b) Ability to designate specific folders as always available.

  1. Ability to type folder name when moving a message (like one can in Gmail web interface).

Having the ability to file messages away quickly would be a big win in my book.

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I was looking for exactly this same functionality and would like it considered. Organizing to folders would be significantly more efficient with the functions described by Max A.

can the move to folder operation also be shortened by double clicking the selected folder instead of having to mark it and then click ok?

Yeah, this is a crippling lack of functionality in an otherwise great client. In Tbird (with add-on) it was a matter of Shift-M, type first few letters of folder and enter, very fast.

Like Max said, with a lot of folders the simple acto of moving a message is painful.

the only way to move 2+ messages in one shot is by CTRL+SHIFT+V. This entire functionality is so much better in Outlook. you can have pre-defined folders, you have recently used folders and you can move several manually if you like.

If any of you would also like to see the “delayed send” feature added to emClient, please vote for Delayed Send here:…


in eM Client you can use rules to move emails to folders automatically :slight_smile:

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Yes, rules are good for some scenarios. But this good for 25% of the them…


Unfortunately there is no other way how to achieve this and is not even planned at the moment.

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It sucks to see this request in every other and completely unrelated thread. To be considered as SPAM, would suggest to ban the user and cancel this vote in retaliation.

it is not necessary, it is not happening anymore.


I find the process of moving an email to a folder UNBEARABLE!!! I receive approximately 200 emails a day. Most of them have to be saved for the business. I have a large folder tree. It would help so much to be able to type the folder name (not just one letter as it is now) to locate the intended folder. “Rules” will not help my situation.

Hi, you could also use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V to quickly sort email to a desired folder.

I hope it helps, we will consider improving the folder search feature for future relases.
Thank you for the suggestion,

Also, it would be helpful if there was a way to color-code the file tree on the left or in the “move to folder menu”.  With a long list of folders, it would be great to color-code them in some way.

Hi Donna, thank you for the suggestion, but this feature is not planned and probably won’t be implemented.

I’m sorry if this is an issue for you, thank you for understanding,

Donna, i have the very same problem. In Outlook i am using a plugin that does the same thing as eM Client’s “move to” context menu - but it goes one essential step further. It gives you a short list of most recently used folders and defaults to where you saved email to/from this address before. To me that sounds like it would not require any restructuring to implement, but would make such a HUGE difference in usability.

It looks like what i am stuck with now is pretty cumbersome… i have a “to file” folder at the very top of the folders tree where it is easy to drag things to. Then i have to set up a bunch of filters and every so often file things by running filters on this and the sent folder. But this still only gets the regulars and not the infrequent senders and recipients that are not worth setting up filters for.

I would also like some kind of move folder function; but I could be satisfied if a “rule” could be “pinned” to the action bar where New, reply… are.  For me the ability to pin five or so would be sufficient. 

Then in the rules wizard add a template for “Apply custom rule on  message(s)  that are selected” which then falls into the custom rule logic. About where you name the rule, add the ability to “pin” similar to “enable”. My rules would just be move to folder and delete.

All done in less than 100 words.  Probably quite a few more semi-colons than that. :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll make sure to consider this in future releases.


I agree. Having a “Move to Folder” button with a short list of recent folders or favorites would be a huge plus for this otherwise excellent program. Currently, filing away emails using CTRL+SHIFT+V or manually dragging them takes too long if you have multiple accounts and subfolders.

Considering that multiple users are asking for this, then your developers need to consider implementing it. While you might not find it necessary, there are several who obviously do, and are asking for its implementation.

This response shows that not only does emClient not value its users feedback but is also unwilling to consider new ideas even when the community has spoken and is pushing for its consideration.

The question left then is why bother with a forum or a contact us option if emClient is choosing to simply ignore its users?