Improve Send All via keyboard

There is no easy way to send all of my Outbox messages.

  1. I would like a keyboard shortcut for “Send all”, which will not retrieve new messages.

  2. Sending all should include the Outbox in Local Folders.

Clicking the Refresh button will do that. Or F5. Easy peasy.

If you only want to send and not receive (guess you are using POP3) then click the down arrow next to Refresh and choose Send All.

Messages waiting to be sent are only stored in the Local Folder Outbox. They are not anywhere else.

I think you missed the point of the keyboard shortcut, which is to have a keyboard shortcut for “Send all”, instead of using the mouse.

POP accounts that do not use Local Folders have their own separate Outbox.

Unfortunately, when using accounts that are not set to receive messages with F5, those accounts are also automatically not set to send mail with Send All. I would like Send All to send all queued messages. In other words, I suggest a greater dissociation between send and receive functions. I have several accounts where I want to send mail  from those accounts but not receive mail from them.

Sylpheed is an example of a program that handles this need well. I can set up an account for SMTP only. When I receive mail, the mail comes from the other accounts, but when I create mail from any account, including a SMTP-only account (address), it is put into a single outbox and always sent when I select “Send”.

Why not just let eM Client send the messages automatically then there is no need for any shortcut keys!

I’m not ready to send, until I’m ready! Shortcut keys are good. Most sorts of menu items should be available via keyboard shortcut or toolbar add-ons.

If you are not ready to send, don’t click Send. If you have a different interpretation of what send actually means, I am open to something new. Otherwise save the message as a draft and come back to it later, or use the Send Later option.

Another solution, pull the internet cable from the computer and only plug it in when you want to send. LOL! 

Yes, thanks, I can appreciate that. I like to queue all of my messages in the Outbox. I then might change a couple of them based on other messages that I have read in the interim. I then like to send the messages manually, when ready, without having to mess around with the Draft folder. This workflow is the most efficient one for me. My only request here is to enable sending by shortcut. Other e-mail clients that I have seen have that feature.

I guess we all work in different ways, so using the Outbox as a Draft folder is not that surprising. How many people do you know who use the Trash folder for filing messages? Or the Recycle Bin on Windows for the same thing? Then they get upset when the trash is automatically emptied. I am very much into intended use - that’s just me.

Most of my outbox messages are ready to go, but not always. Thus, for my own workflow, this method presents the least amount of work.