Improve Event Time Entry

When I try to enter an event end time, the start time is changed automatically making it difficult to set the proper times.

For example, I want to create an event that starts at 8:30 and lasts 10 minutes.

* I enter 8:30 in the start time and the end time is automatically set to 9:00. No problem so far.
* Tab to the End time and just the hour is selected
* Type 8 and press the right arrow key to get to the minutes.
* The start time has now been changed to 8:00

I agree. Super frustrating. Enough so that when I’m online, I use Google Calendar in the web browser instead of eM Client to add or edit entries. In fact, I’d rather thumb in entries via the Calendar app on my Nexus 4 or 7 if one of them is in front of me.

I would make Richard’s original comment broader. Not only is it a pain to have eM Client change the start time when you’re entering the end time, but entering times in general is hard. In Outlook I can just choose “8:00 am” from a drop-down instead of having to type the times. I can’t think of much Outlook does better, but this is one exception. Outlook makes entering times for events a breeze, and eM Client makes it a real pain.


I think that I have replied to this in one topic before a quite long time, but this behaviour is actually by design and we do not plan to change it.


Jan - I know this an old post, but this is one of single most frustrating things coming from any other email client. Not being able to quickly set start and end time by mouse (scrolling in minutes interval - really?) … make the interval at least an option for us to set. But the drop-down is really the most common and most convenient options throughout many applications.

In day or any of the week views, instead of just clicking on the day to create an event, you can drag the area you want to event to occupy. You can also set the default event duration in Menu > Tools > Settings > Calendar > Defaults.

Gary - thanks for the reply and following this old post. Yes, I’m aware of those settings in the calendar view - however, one of my most frequent tasks is to create an appointment/meeting out of an e-mail I received. In outlook, I could just drag it over into the calendar. emClient doesn’t allow two instances, thus I can’t use the graphic user interface of the calendar out of an e-mail. What emClient DOES have (and I like very much) is a right-click option to make a message and event (adding the people in the cc list to be attendees). The pain starts then when I have to enter time. While I can select the date with the mouse from a drop down, I cannot set the time there quickly with the mouse. What I mean with “interval” was the spinner steps when you click the up/down buttons next to the time - rather than moving in minutes, it would be nice to have jump this by 15mins or 30mins blocks. As I’m a programmer, I know this is a setting that can be implemented - but ideally, this would be solved as a drop down, with starting times set in an “interval setting” - either to be 15/30/60 minutes.

So I know this is not the most common case to create events (as many do it directly in the calendar) but creating events out of messages is the one I need most. For now, I at times switched to my mobile phone, where this can be done quicker. 

I sometimes drag messages to the calendar tab and then onto a specific calendar, but it still uses the current date and time, the same as when you create a meeting from a message by right-click. 

Thanks - haven’t tried/found that yet - this may actually be more intuitive/faster than finding the right entry in the (rather long) context menu of messages. Still, wish time entry would be easier.

Totally agree. Maybe the renewed interest in this thread will prompt the developers to reconsider.