improve emclient 5 touch mode

emclient message list windows does not slide when you try to slide them with fingers on a windows 8 tablet
can you enable this feature ?

(i talk about the window where you can select message; the reading message window is actually sliding well)

Thanks for reporting this - we will try to fix it ASAP.

Still no fix for this?

yes, i’m still waiting for it too…
that prevents me from using my windows tablet reading my emails outside of my desktop…

We are finishing few last optimizations for touch mode.

Still not finish?

yes it is very painful to scroll the message menu on tablet …
please :wink:

Please be patient and wait until the next major version is released - it should finally support touch mode.

Hi, I just wanted to check in on touch mode. 5 month ago, you were finishing up the last optimizations. Do you have an approximate date on when it will be ready?

we are finishing the version 6 which includes Touch support - it will be released approximately in 2 months.

Great! Will it support full screen Win8 metro mode?

We are seriously considering fullscreen mode in following updates.