Improper shutdown

It’s basically the same as in this now locked thread

I sent an email to the person (Hester) listed in that thread, but perhaps the person isn’t active anymore?

Anyway, the first time I restarted Windows 10 x64 after installing eM Client (trial), it did give a uninitializing message before it restarted. Unfortunately, when I restarted earlier today, there was no such message and I had a Database check upon startup which took quite some time. My eM Client version is 7.1.31849.

I’m planning on purchasing a Pro license, but if it’s going to be a regular occurrence then perhaps I need to look elsewhere.


It seems the problem is ongoing. What version of Windows 10 are you using, 1607 or 1709?

eM Client does not like to be improperly shut down. This can happen when Windows shutdown forces the application to close when it is still active.

The best solution is to close eM Client and give a little time before shutdown of Windows.

I’m currently on 1709.

The problem with your suggestion (what I tried as well and it still happened) is that there is no indicator or confirmation that the database has properly closed down.

In another thread I commented that I tested this issue on 1607, and it was resolved with the latest release of eM Client.

However, now we see the problem reoccurring with 1709. Hopefully the eM Client developers can catchup and resolve that.

The only indicator that you will see is that the process is no longer listed in the Windows task manager.

I’ve just disabled the “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” option in Power Settings, so will see if that makes a difference.

Ok, after having changed that setting I restarted the PC twice and all seem to be well.

In Windows 10 there is a difference between Shutdown and Restart. When Fast Start is enabled, Shutdown is something like hibernation where the Windows state is saved for later. This does not include the applications that were running. Restart does not save anything from the current state.

Hi all,
I have same problem with eMC shutdown,
I’ve been trying shut eMC before closing Windows :

  1. from systray, right click, choose exit, exiting last for about 5-10 seconds
  2. from eMC application, choose menu, file, exit, exiting is superfast (immediately)

I think the problem with eMC shutdown along with Windows is in eMC close timing.
Someone could do something with this problem., hate to manually close at every Windows shutdown .
P.S. eMC is the best email client if You ask me :wink:

If you can make sure you are using the latest version available for download at There were some issues in the past, but the last couple of releases significantly improved this shutdown issue.

I’ve got version 7.1.33042.0, today installed after Windows reinstall, problem is still there, eMC won’t close as fast as Windows wanted, so he’s forcing app to close, the next boot come with database check.

7.1.33042 is an internal build and is not on the release history page. Maybe there is some issue with it.

I’ll check in another few days how this version works after Windows reinstall, maybe eMC was fetching emails when I was shutting down Windows. I’ll let You know how it works in few days.

It’s also possible that something is keeping the eM Client database open as Windows closes.  Perhaps you could turn off you anti-virus software and then shut windows down to see if the problem persists.

Great, changed AV to stock MS Defender helped!
Dodn’t figured earlier it was AV problem, thanks.

WIndows 10 user here, just upgraded to 10.1903 Service Pack on both laptop and desktop and got improper shutdown due to Windows 10 automatic reboots during install of the upgrade causing EmClient to go through extended self-checks.   

Oh no! 1903 is as riddled with bugs as eM Client 7.2.36465. Not a good combination at all Steve! :wink:

Actually it’s not that bad; it may be that Windows forced a one-time improper shutdown of eM Client during the upgrade. Once the Windows upgrade is complete, you can try shut down Windows with eM Client running. It should be OK. This thread was started when eM Client had issues shutting down, but those have been fixed some time back.

Thanks Gary, I’ll check it out.