Impossible to activate?

I’ve used EmClient since about 2014, love it, but if it’s impossible to activate, should I just make the credit card company return my money? I paid for a lifetime subscription, and even though I’m still living, first it told me ver 6…cant work anymore, so I paid $29 to upgrade, but I still can’t use it. One email I used on this laptop is no longer active, and I changed the password for the other. It wont let me use the program until I activate. I can’t activate until it gets an email. I can’t get an email until I give the right password. I can’t give the right password until the program will work. The program won’t work until I give the right password. Round and round we go. I have emails from 2011, I don’t want to trash and start over? Call the bank and get money back? There’s sure no phone support.

You have two licenses, one with lifetime upgrades for 1 device, and one for version 6 for 2 devices.

If you upgraded the version 6 license, but you only upgraded 1 seat instead of both, that won’t go through automatically. We will need to manually split the license for you during business hours today, and send you an email with instructions on how to use the new single license.

If you don’t get that email (check both your spam/Junk and Inbox) please send an email to [email protected] with the purchase confirmation.