Impossibile inviare

come posso risolvere questo problema?
impossibile inviare il messaggio (corpo del messaggio non accettato per il seguente motivo: 5.2.0 Q7Jt1o00D3L1wnE017JtMm spam detected

Hi Samuele, this is unfortunately a server issue, seem like your email address or domain has been marked as spam and your address was blocked.
Please contact your mail service provider’s support line in order to resolve this issue.

Thank you for understanding,

Probably so, but as ever from microsoft outlook does it work? There is a spam control internal to EM client?
I can disable it?
Thank you

Hi again,
this issue is probably not related to eM Client, depends on the mail service you’re using but in some cases people using the same hosting or maybe the same domain as you are can start sending out spam, this results in other server’s marking the domain as spam domain and you not being to send out email from this domain, as I said this can only be resolved with your mail service provider.

Thank you for understanding,

no way. i’m having the same problem and it’s definitely related to em client. i can send emails without any problem with outlook, same email address and settings.

By “outlook” do you mean the MS Outlook application, or the webmail interface?

I mean Microsoft outlook, no web apps

The error is coming either from your server, or the recipient’s server, so we will need to see it to determine exactly what the issue is.

Is this sent from the same email account in MS Outlook as you are using in eM Client? Are they both connected to the same network, so both using the same computer, or Wi-Fi access point?